[HEY GUYS! yes you are reading this right(hearing from this user after long). So after 2 years of no writing-putting my thoughts in this personal space- I AM BAAACK WITH AN OLD STORY -HA! This is something I did for my university society, go on give it a read till I come up with some latest writing soon. I PRAMISE!] As I write this, it’s early morning and the sun is about to set any time soon. I have a pile of notebooks and sheets scattered on front table [resting my leg on it at the moment] and numerous tabs … Continue reading EMBRACING THE CHANGE


Mujhay yad hai ke mein uswqt zor zore se Allah ko pukar raha tha. Ek hi tareeqay se jau mujhay aata tha aur ek hi naam se Jau mein janta tha. ‘ahad’ ‘ahad’ mein Bilal(RA) jsnay ab tak hazaron lakhon logon ko namaz ke lie pukara hai. Uswaqt ibadat ke tariqon se waqif nahin tha lekin jab mein ne us nam ko pukara to mere dilne gawahi di ke usne sunlia. Koray parte the tau mein cheekhta nahin tha. Mein ne apni zindagi ki baaqi mandah saansein Allah ke lye waqf kardi thin. Har koray par meri awaz madham huti … Continue reading oh ALLAH!

There is always some hope

Someday we all learn to live. We learn to let go of our misery and pain, someday we all take a step to leave the wrath that tormented us, broke us apart, brought us down, and anguished the bit of happiness that was so dearer to us. The journey to that someday isn’t a close one, for you believe that you can never get through it. But believe that “someday” happens and gives you new memories to cherish and look forward to. Just as every triumph is a result of some commitment and goals in your life, “someday” is also … Continue reading There is always some hope

Mercy of My Creator

I had been thinking about past lately and pondering so hard over it wasn’t doing any good to me. Not wanting to be involved into any sort of nasty activity, I couldnt locate an alternate either. Desiring better preferences, out of nowhere I could feel that ALLAH SWT has held my hand and guided me, like I was glowing under HIS mercy. The feeling of being led into a whole new world, a serene place, where I had the answers to all my ambiguities, cant be just put into words. Like, I was on a journey where I could think … Continue reading Mercy of My Creator

Unbidden Thoughts

The moments in your life when you want to cry, to cry for some petty issues and things that you didn’t get…You spent a span of your life competing to achieve it, struggled hard to attain it, giving it your best shot. Like you travelled miles and miles in quest of your desire only to find the doors shut down for you. As if it was never meant to come your way. You had moved on once but then a slight confrontation with it refreshes all the possibilities you could have attained. Moreover, to see some other people living the same life you had dreamt of … Continue reading Unbidden Thoughts

Cell Phones were invented to save our time!

*A Blog written for University society! Well, this is OUR story(HAM 7 as we are <3.<3)*

ATTENTION FOLKS! With the revival of another semester, the awaam of NED(with their technical supportive skills) have laid their hands on being more creative. The mazloom bachas(as termed) are found everywhere- especially during lectures, surgically attached to a tiny little device with serious dedication absolutely ignoring the rest, often moaning and uttering the following assertions:

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A secret world

Just another day, just another night… There is this night ritual which everybody follows, in their functional or non-functional minds, an everyday practice, to develop deep swinging thoughts just before the dreams engulfs us and drags us out of the misery we put ourselves into. The threads that have just erupted in the little corner of my ‘all time bugger’ mind is not letting me fly easily this time, nudging me to evaluate and ponder, to look deep into myself and recall the moments I did something which cannot be easily forgotten, something that can be termed ‘evil’ in order to state explicitly.


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